Texas GoMRI Showcase

GoMRI and Texas: Celebration of a 10-year partnership

September 25, 2020

Bailey, Plotkin, and Pennock: Introduction and welcome

Dr. Rita Colwell, Perspectives from the Chair of the GoMRI Research Board

Laura Bowie, GOMA and GoMRI: Perspectives from the Executive Director of the Gulf of Mexico Alliance

Dr. Raymond L. Orbach, Perspectives from a Texas GoMRI research board member, In memory of Ciro V. Sumaya

Wilson, McKinney, Buskey, Quigg: GoMRI and scientific achievements panel

Dani Bailey, Translating GoMRI scientific discoveries to serve Texas stakeholders, partners, and coastal communities

Buschang, Gibeaut, Wood: Connection of GoMRI to stakeholders and GoMRI legacy panel

Pamela Plotkin, Closing remarks

Speakers and panelists

  • Pamela Plotkin, Executive Director, Texas Sea Grant
  • Jonathan Pennock, Director, National Sea Grant College Program, NOAA
  • Rita Colwell, Chair of the GoMRI Research Board
  • Laura Bowie, Executive Director, Gulf of Mexico Alliance
  • Chuck Wilson, GoMRI Chief Scientific Officer
  • Raymond L. Orbach, GoMRI Research Board member from the state of Texas, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Larry McKinney, Senior Executive Director of Harte Research Institute, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
  • Edward J. Buskey, University of Texas Marine Science Institute
  • Antonietta Quigg, Senior Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, Texas A&M University Galveston
  • James Gibeaut, Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies (GRIIDC), Texas A&M University  Corpus Christi
  • Tony Wood, Director of the National Spill Control School, Corpus Christi
  • Steve Buschang, Director of Research and Development/ Scientific Support Coordinator, Texas General Land Office

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