GoMRI synthesis & legacy

In the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI) launched a $500 million mission to study the effect of oil spills on the environment and public health. The Sea Grant Science Outreach Program honors the GoMRI legacy with a series of publications and presentations showcasing the organization’s contributions to oil spill science research.


The purpose of these publications is to exclusively reflect findings from synthesis activities supported GoMRI, and therefore GoMRI synthesis documents are the primary references. The summaries may also include peer-reviewed publications and other reports cited in the GoMRI synthesis activities that help to provide foundation for the topic.

Click the image to read or download the following Sea Grant synthesis outreach publications. Please click here to order hard copies sent to you (as available).


The Sea Grant oil spill science outreach program hosted GoMRI legacy events around the Gulf. Click each state name  to watch videos of the events.

Texas – September 25, 2020
Florida – October 16, 2020
Alabama – October 23, 2020
Mississippi – November 5, 2020
Louisiana – November 10, 2020

Watercolor map by Anna Hinkeldey