Reef Fish Extension Project Team

Project Team 

We have assembled a team of Sea Grant fisheries Extension professionals from across the Southeastern U.S. (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina). We have complemented these Sea Grant professionals with a socio-ecological fisheries scientist and management representatives from the Gulf of Mexico, South Atlantic, and Caribbean Fishery Management Councils. 

Marcus Drymon

Project Lead, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium Lead

Laura Picariello

Texas Sea Grant Lead

Julie Lively

Louisiana Sea Grant Lead

Angela Collins

Florida Sea Grant Lead

Byran Fluech

Georgia Sea Grant Lead

Matthew Gorstein

South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium Lead

Scott Baker

North Carolina Sea Grant Lead

Steven Scyphers

University of South Alabama Lead

Emily Muehlstein

Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council

Christina Wiegand

South Atlantic Fishery Management Council

Ashley Oliver

South Atlantic Reef Fish Extension and Communication Fellow

Alida Ortiz

Caribbean Fishery Management Council

Marcos Hanke

Caribbean Fishery Management Council