Mississippi GoMRI Showcase

A salute to the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative’s contribution to the state of science in Mississippi

October 29, 1-3 pm CDT/2-4 EDT.
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Speakers and panelists

  • Rita Colwell, Chair of the GoMRI Research Board
  • Laura Bowie, Executive Director, Gulf of Mexico Alliance
  • Chuck Wilson, GoMRI Chief Scientific Officer
  • David Shaw, GoMRI Research Board member from the state of Mississippi, Mississippi State University
  • Denis Wiesenburg, GoMRI Research Board member from the state of Mississippi, University of Southern Mississippi
  • LaDon Swann, Executive Director, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium
  • Pat Fitzpatrick, Mississippi State University/Texas A & M
  • Jerry Wiggert, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Joe Griffitt, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Jessie Kastler, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Kemal Combazaglu, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Stephan O’Brien, Deakin University
  • Sabrina Parra, Johns Hopkins University
  • Missy Partyka, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium /Auburn University
  • Cheryl Lassitter, NOAA
  • Ryan Bradley, Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United, Inc.

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Questions? Contact Tara Skelton at tara.skelton@usm.edu or 228.818.8825.

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