Florida GoMRI Showcase

Ten years of GoMRI Science: Honoring discoveries, contributions, and legacies in Florida

October 16, 2020

Presentation videos

Monica Wilson, Welcome and introduction; Jonathan Pennock, National Sea Grant College program overview

Rita Colwell, The beginnings of the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative

Laura Bowie, The GOMA-GoMRI partnership

Chuck Wilson, GoMRI science

Bill Hogarth and Dick Dodge, GoMRI in Florida from a Research Board perspective

Monica Wilson, Oil Spill Science Outreach Team

Tamay Özgökmen, CARTHE Consortium

Tracey Sutton, DEEPEND Consortium

Martin Grosell, RECOVER Consortium

Steve Murawski, C-IMAGE Consortium

Timyn Rice, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Monica Wilson, Closing remarks


  • Jonathan Pennock, Director, National Sea Grant College Program, NOAA
  • Rita Colwell, Chair of the GoMRI Research Board
  • Laura Bowie, Executive Director, Gulf of Mexico Alliance
  • Chuck Wilson, GoMRI Chief Scientific Officer
  • William Hogarth, GoMRI Research Board member from the state of Florida, Florida Institute of Oceanography
  • Richard Dodge, GoMRI Research Board member from the state of Florida, Nova Southeastern University
  • Steve Murawski, University of South Florida
  • Tamay Ozgokmen, University of Miami
  • Tracey Sutton, Nova Southeastern University
  • Martin Grosell, University of Miami
  • Timyn Rice, Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
  • Monica Wilson, Florida Sea Grant

View the agenda here. To learn more about the speakers, click here.

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