Mid-Atlantic Oil Spill: Are We Ready?

 March 29, 2019 – Virginia Beach, VA

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In May 2017, 94,000 gallons of jet fuel spilled at the Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach. How prepared are we if a major oil spill occurs in the Mid-Atlantic? What impacts would that have to tourism, the seafood industry, and community health? This workshop — Mid-Atlantic oil spill: Are we ready? — is part of a national series  to bring together community members and experts in emergency management, health, and the environment to address how to protect the health, economy, and well-being of our community in the fact of a potential oil spill. Here is short video produced by Virginia Sea Grant about the event:

To see the agenda, click here. Click the images below to see slides of talks from the day and to read audience poll results and the final workshop report.

Presentation videos in order of appearance:
Panel discussion: Oil Spill 411,  Q & A

Dr. Amy Hayes, Virginia Department of Health, Public Health Impacts

Dr. Ted Tomasi, Cardno, Inc., Economic Impacts

Dr. Liesel Ritchie, Oklahoma State University, Social Disruption from Marine Oil Spills

Questions? Contact Michelle Covi (mcovi@odu.edu) at 757-683-6598.

Featured image: Breakout notes (Virginia Sea Grant/Aileen Devlin)