Oil Spill Science Seminar: Sharing Gulf Science Discoveries for Management

June 14, 2016, Hilton Capital Center, Baton Rouge, LA

During this presentation, the oil spill science outreach team answered the questions below. View the presentation here.

View the video recording here.

  • What habitats were impacted and how?
  • What are some ways that human health is protected during oil spills?
  • What oil spill-related stressors impact aquatic life and how?
  • How were species impacted by the spill, and how does this link to impacted habitats?
  • Do lab results scale up to the wild and can this information inform population or community estimates?
  • What human communities were impacted by the spill and how?
  • What traits made communities more resilient?
  • What resources are in place for the next oil disaster?


Stephen Sempier, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant
Monica Wilson, Florida Sea Grant
Emily Maung-Douglass, Louisiana Sea Grant
Christine Hale, Texas Sea Grant
Larissa Graham, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant

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