Oil Spill Science Seminar: Sharing Gulf Science Discoveries for Management

June 14, 2016 – Baton Rouge, LA

During this presentation, the oil spill science outreach team answered the questions below. View the presentation here.

View the video recording here.

  • What habitats were impacted and how?
  • What are some ways that human health is protected during oil spills?
  • What oil spill-related stressors impact aquatic life and how?
  • How were species impacted by the spill, and how does this link to impacted habitats?
  • Do lab results scale up to the wild and can this information inform population or community estimates?
  • What human communities were impacted by the spill and how?
  • What traits made communities more resilient?
  • What resources are in place for the next oil disaster?


Stephen Sempier, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant
Monica Wilson, Florida Sea Grant
Emily Maung-Douglass, Louisiana Sea Grant
Christine Hale, Texas Sea Grant
Larissa Graham, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant

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