Preparing for oil spills in the Eastern Gulf

Preparing for oil spills in the Eastern Gulf: Health, economic resilience, and community well-being

May 6-7, 2019 – Mobile, AL
May 7, 2019 – Bayou la Batre, AL

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The workshop took place at two locations; a full two-day workshop in downtown Mobile, and an abbreviated evening workshop in Bayou La Batre.

for oil spills in the eastern Gulf: A regional workshop report from the National Academies
and Sea Grant collaborative workshop series

The goals of these workshops was to determine the needs of communities in the Eastern Gulf.  Specifically:
*Suggestions for protocols to include in existing response and regulatory frameworks
*List of pilot projects that could be rapidly funded
*Future research and outreach priorities
*List of available resources to aid in community preparedness and resilience
*Ideas to foster new connections and partnerships

Missy Partyka & Chris Hale, Sea Grant, Workshop welcome and survey

Mike Sams, Pollution contingency planning and response overview

Juston Lee, Managing the media during oil spills and other natural disasters

Adam Davis, The multifaceted role of NOAA Scientific Support Coordinators

Q&A panel discussion with day one morning speakers

Katherine Kirkland, Occupational and environmental response to oil spills

Kathryn Keating, Mental health following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Duane Gill, Social disruption following oil spills

Kim-Lien Tran, Preserving community by advocating for health

Q&A day one panel with afternoon speakers

Ryan Bradley, The mixed economic impact of spills for fisherfolk

Jeff Collier, Island communities: Recovering from multiple disasters

Melissa Finucane, Communicating risk to diverse audiences

Q&A panel discussion with day two morning speakers

Community panel discussion: Sharing oil spill experiences and insights

Click here to see the agenda for Mobile and here for Bayou la Batre. To read the pre-workshop report, which goes into detail on the rationale behind the project, click here. Read the report for this workshop here and the summary report for the series here.

Featured photo: Dauphin Island anglers fish in sight of an oil platform. (US Navy)