Breaking it down: Oil in the environment

July 14, 2020 – webinar

Oil is a complex mixture of chemicals that begins to transform the moment it enters the marine environment. Our guest speakers covered the chemical makeup of oil, its evolution, and paths to breakdown.

Videos of talks and slides available below.

The Sea Grant oil spill science outreach program
Emily Maung-Douglass, Louisiana Sea Grant – view slides here.

Oil: What is it made of and how do we detect it in the environment?
Edward B. Overton, Ph.D., Louisiana State University – view slides here.

How do microbes break down oil and oil-based compounds in the environment?
Joel Kostka, Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology

How does oil break down and evolve with exposure to sunlight?
Collin Ward, Ph.D., Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution – view slides here.

Question and answer discussion with all panelists

Featured image of a Florida sunset is from the public domain.