Regional Reef Fish Collaborative gathers, refines, and communicates reef fish info

Have you heard about the team of Sea Grant fisheries extension specialists, university scientists, and fisheries managers known as the Regional Reef Fish Collaborative?

Led by Dr. Marcus Drymon, a marine fisheries specialist with Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, the Collaborative is responsible for gathering, refining, and communicating information about reef fish across the southeastern U.S. Specifically, the Collaborative conducts annual surveys and advisory panel meetings involving reef fish stakeholders to identify reef fish research needs and communicate those needs to scientists and resource managers. The Collaborative also develops and implements Extension and outreach programming related to reef fish research and management.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Regional Reef Fish Collaborative and the many reef fish-related products and programs offered by each Sea Grant program or region, please visit the project website.

A gray snapper attached to a descender device, a tool used to increase post-release survival of reef fishes. Photo courtesy of Return ‘Em Right.