New oil spill science short course now online

At 2016’s Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) meeting in Orlando, Florida, researchers from multiple arenas presented a short course on oil in marine environments. The Sea Grant oil spill science outreach team’s latest online-only seminar, Oil in the aquatic environment: Sources, fate, effects, monitoring, and response options, reproduces a portion of the original short course, bringing cutting-edge science to a Sea Grant audience.

Members of the Sea Grant oil spill science outreach team worked with three of the SETAC module instructors—university and industry scientists—to share some of the lessons learned in a web-based series. Presentations focus on crude oil chemistry and how it can change as it moves through the water. Speakers also cover oil spill management and response options. Click here to watch videos of the talks, view the slides, and learn more about the experts sharing the oil spill science.