Seminar: Harmful algal blooms in coastal Alabama and Mississippi

June 13, 2019–Mobile, AL

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The Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium and the National Centers for Environmental Information hosted a half-day workshop about harmful algal blooms (HABs) at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Gulf of Mexico Disaster Response Center in Mobile, Alabama. Sessions at the workshop addressed the concerns of natural resource managers, commercial fishers, shellfish growers, and tourism professionals. Speakers discussed forecasting capacity and limitations, impacts to local communities and tourism, and regulatory and legislative processes. Scroll down to view videos of the day’s presentations.

Click here to read the event agenda.

Missy Partyka and LaDon Swann, Welcome and introductions

Jeanne Allen, History of HABs and HABSOS
Alison Robertson, Forecasting red tide: What we can and cannot do

Herb Malone, What does tourism need and when do they need it?

Jonathan Jackson, the NCEI HABSOS portal

David Wiggins, Marine biotoxin management and control

Chuck Wilson, Shellfish grower’s perspective

Leanne Flewelling, HAB biotoxin monitoring and management in Florida

Kristina Broussard, The roles of Mississippi state agencies during HABs

Mark Ornelas, the BEACH Act

Kelli Levy, Balancing multiple needs: Human health and local economies