New Laborde Chair Announced

Standish Allen Jr. has been named the Laborde Endowed Chair for Sea Grant Research and Technology Transfer by the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program (LSG). His appointment runs through June 2013.

During his tenure as Laborde Chair, Allen will spend much of his time at the Louisiana Sea Grant hatchery assessing the facility’s oyster
broodstock and spawning system capabilities and developing plans for breeding
program activities.

“Dr. Allen is a world authority on bivalve breeding. I’ve been collaborating with him since 1993, beginning with our initial triploid oyster development for Louisiana,” said John Supan, associate professor and director of the LSG Oyster Hatchery on Grand Isle. “It’s been a rewarding relationship over the past 19 years, as Stan and I have worked together to bring advancements in oyster production to the Gulf of Mexico region.”